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Mid Album Of The Year: Staff Picks

Source: Rock On Philly

Featured Image Courtesy of idigitaltimes.com

I know nobody wants to believe it but it looks like 2016 is already half over. Throughout January to June so many great album have come out, and it’s nearly impossible to pick your favorites. Thankfully there’s people like us who compile a list of our favorites and gives our audience maybe something new to listen to. If you already have heard of some of these artist, hopefully you agree with us!

During the month of July, we will also be posting our individual top list, and what we think about each record!

Here is our ...

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Local H Rocks Philly

Source: Rock On Philly

Featured Image: David De Cristofaro 

On Friday evening May 6th in Philly, Local H took the stage at Underground Arts before a packed crowd for a much anticipated and unique tour stop. All around the venue the venue familiar faces and regular patrons of the Philadelphia rock scene could be spotted as front man Scott Lucas took the stage along with the newest man to sit behind the drum kit of the dynamic musical duo, the talented Ryan Harding. The stage itself had a different look than the band’s past tours in that it sported two drum sets, one ...

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Jack Garratt Bringing Electro-Soul to Milkboy 8/4

Source: Rock On Philly

Featured Image by villunderlondon via Flickr

London-based singer Jack Garratt is stopping by Milkboy Philly on 8/4 with Philly’s own City Rain, to bring some serious instrumental and vocal magic to rock your eardrums. Garratt, who recently released his debut EP Synesthesiac off of Island Records, is a multi-instrumentalist (electric guitar, drum machine, and keyboards) who has been creating electronic music with hints of soul and R&B since his first single “I Couldn’t Want You Anyway” in 2014.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come from this talented artist below…

Tickets for the show can be purchased here!

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Mumford and Sons Display New, Rougher Sound in Wilder Mind

Source: Rock On Philly

The speculation has been roaming about on how the newest Mumford and Sons album would be like, specifically because the band took on a new sound that’s much different from their well-known banjo, standing bass, and kick-drum days. The London-based band finally released their much-anticipated album, entitled Wilder Mind, on Monday, and it is blatant proof that the band can be chameleons with their sound and still make it really work. Compared to 2009’s Sigh No More and 2012’s BabelWilder Mind (released through Glassnote Records, Island Records, and Gentlemen of the Road) stands on ...

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“Can’t Deny My Love”- Brandon Flowers

Source: Ryme et Reason

New music from Brandon Flowers is here and I’m “not gonna deny” that I love it. (See what I did there?) “Can’t Deny My Love” has a Killers-esque hum and buzz throughout, but you’ll be happy to hear that there’s not a single… Continue Reading

Fall Out Boy Return with Beautiful New Album

Source: Rock On Philly

Fall Out Boy can do no wrong. Since their hiatus, their music has been progressively evolving to fit not just one stereotype but, to attract attention of all different music-genre lovers. Their latest album American Beauty/American Psycho released on January 20th through Island Records shows just how the band has matured into a rock band that everyone wants to get their hands on.

The album has all the excitement and fresh sounds that differentiates the band from other bands still rocking eyeliner, leaving them behind in the dust of teenage angst. “Irresistible” is brassy one second, sentimentally minimal the next, and heavy ...

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Bombay Bicycle Club: So Long, See You Tomorrow

Source: Short and Sweet NYC » Music

bombay bcBombay Bicycle Club
So Long, See You Tomorrow
(Island Records)

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For their fourth studio album, English indie rockers Bombay Bicycle Club were not content to stick with an easy formula for success. As the group’s name indicates, So Long, See You Tomorrow draws on world music rather than the usual indie guitar influence, making it a slightly challenging, but wholly satisfying record.

Beautiful keyboards and electronic beats are layered in abundance throughout the album, building a beautiful, complicated landscape rather than a jumble of noise. All of the songs but one feature a guest vocalist, namely Rae Morris or Lucy ...

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Bombay Bicycle Club – It’s Alright Now

Source: All Things Go

Bombay Bicycle Club are gearing up for the release of their fourth studio album, So Long, See You Tomorrow, next February. As we eagerly await its arrival, the boys from London have posted the LP’s second single, “It’s Alright Now.” They show their range here with some impressive harmonization, on-point drumming and an expansive chorus will send you floating above the beat. Check out “It’s Alright Now” via the lyric video above.

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