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Protomartyr’s Joe Casey talks year-end lists, and offers up one of his own

Source: Brooklyn Vegan

“I’m always stupefied when year-end list time rolls around. Especially when I see folks post shit like their ‘100 favorite albums of the year.’ That means a single person somehow consumed and critically thought of well over a hundred albums and some how figured out how to rank them. That would be like ranking all the meals for the year, sunrises, or bowel movements. Utter insanity.” – Protomartyr’s Joe Casey.

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Honors reinterpret R&B with “Say Yes”

Source: All Things Go

The latest single by Honors has us in the clouds. With a mellow intro and almost ethereal vibe, “Say Yes” is a slow burning flame that singes the hairs rising from your neck. Consisting of four multi-instrumentalists whose knowledge of music history is clear, the Toronto up-and-comers are pop storytellers defining their own tradition. We spoke […]

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