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June Artist of the Month – Who Will It Be?!

Source: Rock On Philly

Featured Image of May Artist of the Month, The Wayside Shakeup courtesy of the Artist

Rock On Philly needs YOUR help in deciding our Artist of the Month for June!

What does the Artist of the Month receive? A write-up on our website that will sit pretty on our homepage for an entire month. This feature will be promoted across our social media channels and the Artist will even receive special consideration for brand partnerships that Rock On Philly has in the works.

In the comment section below, let us know the Philly-area bands/artists you love from now until May ...

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Best of the B Sides: “Heartbeat”

Source: Rock On Philly

I know, I know that this isn’t technically a b-side, but hear me out. Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) is a vastly under-appreciated hip hop artist and his debut album Camp (2011) also went kind of overlooked. His sophomore album Because the Internet (2013) gained a larger popular response than Camp did. Sure, Camp did well with the critics but the paranoia Glover raps about on Camp — that he wouldn’t be taken seriously as a recording artist because he was initially known as an actor — is an actual problem he faced, not just a vague fear. It ...

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Community’s Sixth Season is Happening!

Source: Ryme et Reason

According to Vulture, Community has been resurrected from near death by Yahoo! It’ll have 13 episodes and will most likely be the final season. It has been much loved by critics but not so much Continue reading