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Zomby announces new album on Hyperdub ft. Burial and Darkstar

Source: Brooklyn Vegan

Eight years after dropping a pair of excellent EPs on the label, Zomby has returned to Hyperdub to release his fourth album, Ultra, out September 2. Featuring labelmates and fellow post-rave vanguardists Burial and Darkstar, among others…

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Ital Tek’s “Hollowed” is a Majestic Soundtrack to the Apocalypse

Source: Rock On Philly

Featured Image Courtesy of the Artist 

Ital Tek’s latest, Hollowed, is a stripped down, brooding ambient work, a gorgeous album that knows when to skitter, shimmer and simmer. The minimal percussion on most of the tracks is suppressed almost to the point of it being a creative restraint. Hollowed‘s use of strings is a thread throughout, giving the tracks a gravity that is at once cinematic and dystopian.

Hollowed is more dark ambient than straight dubstep, a departure from Ital Tek’s prior output of just a few years ago. Tracks from Mega City Industry (2014) and Control ...

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The Spotlight: Sarah Myers

Source: Blisspop » DC Music

This is ‘The Spotlight.’ Many artists pass through D.C. on a weekly basis, but this column highlights one specific artist who happens to be playing in the district during the week. That way, you may join their journey in influencing the house music landscape.

House and techno are a dominating force in today’s American music scene and Sarah Myers is a leader in DC. Rightfully labeled a “hometown hero,” I became acquainted with many different sides of Sarah over the course of our interview. Sarah and I talked about the Life parties she was involved with around town, what it’s ...

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Fives: Mixes of the Week, January 30th

Source: All Things Go

Boldly going with five explorers of the sonic realm.

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Essáy – Ocarina

Source: All Things Go

essay ocarina cascine

The Cascine family got a little bigger today with the addition of Essáy to its roster. The German producer will be releasing his Ocarina EP on the label July 1st, the title track of which made its way onto Soundcloud today. “Ocarina” is more ambient than Cascine’s usual dream-pop fare, but its no surprise the track’s mellow house beat and hazy, summertime synths caught their ear. Stream it below.


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